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Llangrannog’s football players

Llangrannog’s football players in Plogonnec

26th – 30th of May 2005

The weather was beautiful when the 21 Welsh people (15 football players, 5 supporters and the minibus driver) arrived Friday the 26th of May in Quimper . They went to discover the town during the day or to take a snap (already???) before having dinner with the twinning committee on the evening in the restaurant Hotel du Nevet in Plogonnec. After a good meal, the evening went on in the bar Le Baladin.

On Saturday they went to the beach. Not brave (or crazy) enough to go swimming, they jogged and trained. Afterwards they hung around Douarnenez streets before being back in Plogonnec to play at 5pm for the first time against Plogonnec football team, “Les Ecureuils” (the Squirrels).

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In spite of being supported the Welsh players defeated 2-0. But it was not lost for everybody: great football experts ; then won the prognosis competition. Some beers later, a buffet was offer to everybody in the hall by the twinning committee.

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Each team was given a trophy.

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The winners of the prognosis competition (among them a Welsh football players: realism or lack or confidence?) got also their presents. After a meal in a good atmosphere, Delphine and Johann from the Baladin had the opportunity to serve other pints of beer in glasses demanded especially for the occasion.

On Sunday, after being visiting Locronan, the Welsh people were fit (???) to play again against the “Plogonnec’s Squirrels”.

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Unfortunately for them, they did not managed to win and lost 2-1, in spite of being engaged Mickaël Bolou a few minutes before the game starts in substitution to Aled who was injured.

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After a stop at the Baladin...

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the “Squirrels” offered a barbecue in Lopeau to feed all those starving people. After another good meal, the results of the second prognosis competition and the more beautiful thong (well done Richard!) were announced.

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The minibus drove the players to carry on with the night in the Baladin, where presents were swapped.

Everybody (except the injured and the too tired boys) went afterwards to the nightclub the Moulin.

And, after another too short night sleep and some purchases they left on Monday afternoon, happy of the trip but very tired...

The trip took place in a very good atmosphere. The friendship, which is a characteristic of this twinning, was real during the weekend. The Welsh people were pleased with the welcome and Plogonnec people were very happy to welcome them with their simplicity and good mood.

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Everybody seem satisfied of the weekend. It is ashamed however to have seen the Plogonnec’s football players only during the games and not during the evenings. But the Welsh players are now strongly waiting for them in Llangrannog in 2006.

The scorer of the weekend:

On Saturday: Nicolas Bozec and Pricilien Faveaux

On Sunday: Florian Coustan for Plogonnec and Chris Pulman (or Gari Pwyll according to some people… ) for the Welsh team.

A few thanks:

  • To Plogonnec and Quimper shopkeepers who gave lot of presents: it was possible to organize a prognosis competition for each game.
  • To Delphine and Johann from the Baladin who greatly welcomed the Welsh people and to have been their guides during their nights out.
  • To Annick and Jean-Pierre Bolou to have been their guide for their days out.
  • To everyone who came to support the players, to help to organize the meals or who simply came.
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Some comments :

Johann, arbiter during the second game:

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The match took place in a good spirit. It always was friendly, even if the Welsh players were playing a strongest football. They were sometimes surprised when faults were whistled; the arbitrage is not so strict there.

Ian ap-Dewi, Llangrannog’s football clubchairman

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We really appreciate the trip, even if we did not win. The Welsh players should have scored more but they were very tired! The welcome was excellent. The facilities are great in Plogonnec! We hope we can welcome Plogonnec’s team in 2006 and this time our best players, who could not come to Plogonnec, would be with us J

Plogonnec’s « Squirrels »:

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It was great, it should be done more often. We were happy to play and we are ready to go there. Plogonnec’s team was probably better tactically, but not physically. For the second match, about half of the team did not play on Saturday.

Llangrannog’s players:

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We are very happy, we had fun, but we are tired! It may have been to many beers... ;-). The facilities are much better in Plogonnec. It is different to play here; we are not used with an arbitrage so strict. But everything was great. We are ready to come back, but it is ashamed that the two teams did not exchange more. The welcome was wonderful, as the food, the beer and the wine! We are all friends and we came here on holiday together.

Aled (who has been injured) ’s personal comment:

The French health services are very efficient!

The bus driver:

They are good boys and quite quiet in the bus. It is easy to see they are good mates. They are very friendly.

Plogonnec twinning committee:

It was a good atmosphere during all the weekend. Everything was fine. It is ashamed however that only the people in charge of Plogonnec’s football club were present in the evenings and not the players. We are ready to go over in 2006.

People in charge of Plogonnec’s football club:

The games took place in a good mood. The teams had about the same level. Plogonnec won twice, met it could have been Llangrannog. It is a pity that Plogonnec’s football players did not came during the evenings. But they are ready to go over there and so do us. We just need to find a date.

Come on boys, you were very tired apparently. Have a good nap now and see you soon in Llangrannog in 2006!

Pob hwyl ! Kenavo !

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