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All the achievements of the twinning

You will find here all the events that have been organized by the twinning between 1983 and 2004.



A steering committee is created in Llandysul to take forward the idea of a twinning.

Chairman : Huw Bevan-Jones (until 2001) Secretary : Philip Ainsworth Treasurer : Eileen Curry


In this year the first contacts between Llandysul and Plogonnec are made.


4 april :

The town council of Plogonnec agree to the creation of a twinning.

17 april :

A first general meeting is organized in Plogonnec for everybody interested in the project. About thirty people came.

A dozen people prepare a document to present Plogonnec to Llandysul. A monograph, realized from this document is edited thanks to the first town grant.


April :

The Llandysul document is received.

May :

Llandysul is presented to the town council as well as to the people of Plogonnec. 26 may :

The twinning committee of Plogonnec, only temporary until this day, is made official.

Chairman : Jaklin Pennaneac’h Second chairman : Denis Bernard Secretary : Marie-Isabelle Marzin, assistant : Geneviève Le Bras Treasurer : Monique le Bellac, assistant : Annick Bolou

10-12 july :

The first visit to Llandysul for 30 people from Plogonnec.

end october :

30 Welsh people in their turn stay a long weekend in Plogonnec.

Those first trips gave everybody the chance to discover the two areas and gave them the opportunity of real cultural exchanges: gavotte and clog dances, Welsh choral and Kan ha diskan, crepes and welsh cakes, happiness and good atmosphere… The twinning starting on a good base!


From the beginning, both committees wanted to arrange exchanges between young people. This is started this year.

Fébruary :

For the first time, 12 young Welsh girls spend a week in Plogonnec.

April :

The return trip: 16 young people from Plogonnec travel to Llandysul.

16 july :

A significant date for the twinning: the first part of the twinning charter is signed in Llandysul in the presence of the Maire of Plogonnec and the Chairman of Llandysul Community Council during a three day trip of about forty people from Plogonnec.

This is also the year that the first English lessons are organised in Plogonnec, with the aim of improving communication during future exchanges.


11-18 February :

15 young Welsh people visit Plogonnec.

April :

14 young people from Plogonnec visit Llandysul.

20 August :

This is another important date: this day the second part of the charter is signed, in Plogonnec, in the presence of the Maire of Plogonnec and the Chairman of Llandysul Community Council. 75 Welsh people travelled to Plogonnec for this occasion. A Welsh oak is planted in a Plogonnec car park, newly baptised Llandysul Square , to symbolise this union. A sign commemorating the twinning of Plogonnec-Llandysul a’r Fro is placed on the Quimper road at the entrance to Plogonnec.


may 1990:

A sportive month for the twinning: a veteran football team and their fans (51 people all together) take part in a tournament in Llandysul. Results: 10-3 for the Bretons, revenge will be necessary! Young Welsh football players take part in the “Mondial Pupilles” in Plomelin, stay with families of Plogonnec. The “Ecureuils de Plogonnec” (football club) and the twinning committee organise the reception.


The committees are still encouraging exchanges between young people of both towns and this year for the very first time, Welsh schoolchildren come to Plogonnec.

1er-8 may :

25 young people from Plogonnec and Plonévez-Porzay stay in Llandysul.

1er -2 june:

Schoolchildren from Llandysul visit Plogonnec.

22-26 october:

Following the previous trip in May, a further 48 young Welsh people visit Plogonnec and the area.


July :

Two road signs indicating the twinning between Llandysul a’r Fro and Plogonnec are set up at the entrances to Llandysul, on the Carmarthen and New Quay roads.

30 july-3 august:

About sixty people from Plogonnec visit Llandysul and go for a day to the National Eisteddfod in Aberystwyth (Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru)

24-27 october :

About forty Welsh people stay in Plogonnec for the weekend.


The Breton dance lessons start this year in Plogonnec.

April :

Two young Welsh girls go to Plogonnec for a week of work experience.


7-16 april :

This year, 8 Welsh girls visit Plogonnec for work experience. They work in the schools and local shops.

28 april-5 may:

14 adolescents from Plogonnec stay in Llandysul for a week.

12-15 may :

33 sportsmen from Plogonnec visit Llandysul .


Fin august :

75 Welsh people, of whom 20 are football players, stay in Plogonnec for a long weekend. The Welsh football wins twice against a Breton team: 6-2 and 4-2.

Ten Welsh girls visit Plogonnec for work experience.


5-8 july:

53 people from Plogonnec take part in the carnival of Llandysul parading as a marriage ceremony in Breton costumes through the streets of Llandysul.


31 august-4 sept:

50 Welsh people visit Plogonnec and the area and enjoy a fest-noz, crepes etc.


May :

82 people from Plogonnec celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning in Llandysul with their Welsh friends.

27 july-10 august :

With the help of ULAMIR e Bro Glazik (Local union for the animation in rural area) and the Ceredigion Youth Service, the twinning committee of Plogonnec organize a working camp in Plogonnec. 9 Welsh and 12 Breton young people work together to create a VTT (mountain bike) circuit and renovate a playground in Plogonnec.


August :

Another working camp is organized with the help of ULAMIR and the Ceredigion Youth Service, but in Llandysul this year. 10 Breton young people work with 14 Welsh young people to develop footpaths and assist in the carving of wooden benches by the river in Llandysul.

Fin august :

75 Welsh people come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning in Plogonnec.


June 2000 :

A group of people from Plogonnec come over for the weekend.


This is a busy year for the twinning especially with the creation of a European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Plogonnec.

June :

26 schoolchildren from Tregroes and Llandysul visit Plogonnec.

July :

Some people from Plogonnec are invited by Llandysul to make crepes during the food festival. This is a big success! Too successful perhaps because those Plogonnistes did not find time to leave the billig to see the festival!

September :

Rhidian Jones starts a 10 month EVS project in Plogonnec. He works with ULAMIR, in the children centre of Guengat, in the primary schools, and talks about Wales to the inhabitants of Plogonnec.

Fin august :

An exchange visit to Plogonnec.


28 april-5 may:

For the very first time, 24 schoolchildren from Plogonnec visit Llandysul.

8-11 may :

55 people from Plogonnec follow the children and visit Llandysul. 28 octobre :

This evening the voices of the male voice choir of Brittany, “Mouezh Paotred Breizh” followed by the Welsh male voice choir “A’r Ol Tri” resound in the church of Plogonnec. 250 people are present, charmed by the concert.



26 children from Llandysul and Tregroes stay one week in Plogonnec.

September :

Another EVS project starts, in Llandysul this time. The final aim is to create a website on the twinning and the two villages (you are on it!). Katell Pennaneac’h experiences Welsh life for 10 months and spends time in local schools, offices, theatres, with the Ceredigion Youth Service amongst other experiences and she also gives talks about Brittany to the inhabitants of Llandysul a’r Fro.

24-28 october :

About fifty Welsh people visit Plogonnec.


It is still going on, the motivation is still there!

20-23 may :

Over sixty people from Plogonnec visit Llandysul, many of them coming for the first time on an exchange visit.

20-25 june :

45 children from Plogonnec, 30 from St-Egonnec school and 15 from St-Albin school, visit Llandysul staying in the Urdd camp at Llangrannog.

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