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Welsh pupils visit in Plogonnec
19th - 23rd of June 2005

If we had to describe the trip in two words, it will probably be joyful and sunny. “Again?” you will say… Yeah! It seems that everything went well between the pupils of the two countries and that the sun decided to take part in all the trips. All the better for us. The exchange are more enjoyable in those conditions. Fingers crossed for the end of August…

What did the 22 schoolchildren of Llandysul, the two of Tregroes and the 7 accompanying adults in Plogonnec for 4 days? Answer: plenty of things!

After arriving late and having a short night sleep they went to sing before and after Sunday’s office in Plogonnec’s church. The people present enjoyed their performance.

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The Plogonnec’s twinning committee welcomed them afterwards with a crepes meal in Lopeau. With the sun and the piligoù (machines to cook crepes), the crepes cookers were happy to have a light breeze to refresh. In the afternoon, they went to a leisure centre, Odet Loisirs: hanging bridge, bicycles, maze, air structures… Everyone could find something to enjoy.

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They went back then to Mahalon where they stayed for the four nights.

On Monday, the Plogonnec’s and Welsh schoolchildren met each other. The Tregroes’ went to Saint-Albin’s school and Llandysul’s to St-Egonnec school.

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After being introduced to each other, they participated in many activities to get to know each other better: cooking (crepes, apple pancakes, fruits salad, crumbles)...

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... lotto, relay races, etc…

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It was a pleasure to see the teams mix and that they really tried to communicate.

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On Tuesday, all school went on a trip. Tregroes’ pupils went to Quimper with Saint-Albin’s to discover a part of the town history. The Llandysul’s pupils met the St-Egonnec’s in Douarnenez.

They visited the boats museum and went round some boats.

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They went then to the Plomarc’h’s playground for a picnic...

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... before walking to the beach of the Ris for a playing and relaxing afternoon. The pupils and the accompanying adults appreciated the day with the sunny weather.

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In the evening, the St-Egonnec’s parents’ schoolchildren’s societies and the twinning committee organised a buffet for everybody. The pupils presented at first short shows. St-Egonnec’s school and the twinning committee gave afterwards presents to Carol and Wat for their last year as directors of, respectively, Tregroes’ and Llandysul’s primary school. They also thanked them for everything they had done for the schools exchanges between the two towns.

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Everybody helped themselves in the buffet: aperitif, various salads, delicatessen and delicious cakes, each one more tempting that the other one… There was something to feed everyone. But when departure time arrived, there was some sadness with the children. It was for them the last time together for the year…

On Wednesday morning, the Welsh people shopped in Quimper . In the afternoon, they visited the Haliotika centre and the “criée” (fished sold by auction) in Le Guilvinec. A guide explained them the different ways of fishing in Le Guilvinec, showed them different kind of fish and boat… They watched then the boats coming back into the port and unloaded the day fishing. They were explained then what the “criée” is, how it works and its function.

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They went back to the centre where they packed after a good meal to be ready to go early on Thursday morning.

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The Welsh people really enjoyed the trip. They discovered the area and met their pen pals. The people of Plogonnec were also happy to meet them. All the children were nice and made a real effort to go and met each other. It was sometimes difficult to know who was Welsh and who was from Plogonnec! And when the Plogonnec’s pupils ran after the Welsh bus in making goodbye signs it was clear that it was no language barrier, or at least that they found the way to pass it and that a real friendship was born.

They now have to wait two years before the Plogonnec’s pupils coming to Wales . But some of them may see each other before, thanks to the adults trips.

Pob hwyl ! Kenavo !


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